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Uncovering artificial intelligence in Finland

Now is the time to act to start capturing the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is expected to become the emerging technology with biggest business impact over the near future. At the same time, there is no shared understanding what the term AI actually means. During the past year, multiple projections have also been drawn on how new AI technologies will impact economic growth.

In this study, we put together a synthesis of recent desktop studies and research on AI impact on economy. We conclude that by successfully promoting and adopting AI, Finland can realistically reach a €20 billion boost in GDP (an additional 8%) by 2023. Finland has stated the ambition to become a forerunner in benefiting from AI, with announcing a recent 160 million investment program to leverage the AI capabilities.

With this study, we hope to give you inspiration by sharing some thoughts and ideas from the leaders interviewed, and encourage you to take the right next steps.



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